Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)

Common Terms

  • CTR
    Commute Trip Reduction
  • ETC
    Employee Transportation Coordinator
  • Rideshare
    Multi-person commute option
  • S.O.V.
    Single occupancy Vehicle
  • Affected worksite
    Any work location with 100+ employees arriving between 6 am - 9 am
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What is CTR?
Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) is a Washington state law focused on reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and minimizing energy consumption. Employers with 100 or more employees arriving at a worksite between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. year-round are seen as major employers under the CTR law; these worksites would therefore be required to participate in the CTR program.

What is my company required to do?

Participating companies must have two things, 1) a leader and 2) a plan. 

The leader of the program is called an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), Their role is to assist employees with commuting questions, assist in organizing rideshare options, oversee the companies goals and plan management, in addition to sharing valuable information regarding CTR with all employees. The ETC works closely with the CTR administrator (Everett Transit) and often the employer's Human Resources department to decide what options, goals, and rewards can be offered to participating employees.

The company's plan can include a number of goals aimed at reducing single occupancy vehicle use and environmental impact. Common goals include:

__ number of employees utilizing carpool or vanpool options

__ number of employees using alternate modes of transportation (Bikes, bus, walk)

__ number of employees working remotely at least 60% of the month

Employee incentives or benefits are often given to participating employees that include items similar but not limited to: 

$__ car allowance for carpool participants

__% of vanpool cost covered

Monthly ORCA bus pass

$__ per month to employees who bike to work.

Contact Information

For more information about CTR or to see if your worksite is affected, contact Everett Transit's Commute Trip Reduction administrator.

Clayton Trujillo
P: 425-257-8806

Do you represent an employer not affected by this CTR law, but are affected by traffic congestion in Everett? Are you interested in helping your employees find carpools or vanpools to and from work? Please contact Mimi West to learn how you can participate.

Employee Transportation Coordinator Resources

Visit RideshareOnline to find, organize and coordinate vanpools and carpools in your area. With the easy to use ridematch tool, you’ll be put in touch with other smart carpoolers who are looking to save money, time and the environment.

Visit the Washington State Department of Transportation website to learn more about CTR law and how it affects our region.