ORCA LIFT is a transit fare payment card that allows customers to pay the low-income fare on all agencies that offer it as a fare category. For Everett Transit, the low-income fare is $1. The card is not a flash pass, and customers have to have funds on the ORCA LIFT card in order to pay the low-income fare. 

ORCA LIFT cards are issued in Everett through the DSHS office at 840 N. Broadway. You must provide income and identification documents, and complete the benefits application. 

How to qualify

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Program Eligibility Documents

If you already receive benefits from one of the follow programs, you may use that information to verify your income. Eligible programs include: 

  • Apple Health/Medicaid recipients (ProviderOne medical services card)
  • Washington Basic Food Program (EBT Card)
  • WIC (Women Infants Children)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Employments Security paystub or letter for applicants receiving unemployment benefits
  • Award letters for SSI or Social Security
  • Labor and Industries (L&I) statement for workers' compensation

Income Eligibility Documents

Whether you are employed or not, the following documents are accepted for income verification:

  • No Income: Employment Security verification form
    With identification, Employment Security can verify that you received no income and are therefore eligible.
  • Employed: Paycheck
    Paystubs for the last 30 days
  • Employed: Paid in Cash
    Letter from the employer signed and dated with gross income for the client for the last 30 days; or a bnak statement from you if you deposit your cash in their account
  • Self-employed
    Copy of your most recent tax return. Income is based on the modified adjusted gross income on your most recent tax return: Form 1040 Line 37; Form 1040 A, line 21, Form 1040 EZ, line 4; or completion of the self-employment worksheet.

** To qualify, a person's gross household income (before taxes are taken out) must be no more than 200 percent of the federal poverty level as established by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department. Median Monthly Income Chart

ORCA LIFT Regional Fares

Your ORCA LIFT card allows you to pay a reduced fare on select transit systems throughout the Puget Sound region. Your ORCA LIFT card will also work on transit agencies not offering a reduced fare, but you will pay the full fare.

Here is a list of ORCA LIFT fares* for the region >>

Transit Agency ORCA LIFT Fare
Everett Transit$1
Everett Transit
Commuter Buses
Community Transit$1.25
Community Transit
Commuter Buses (to King County)
King County Metro$1
King County Water Taxi
West Seattle

Vashon Island


Kitsap Transit
Buses & Foot Ferries
Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries



Seattle Streetcar$1
Sounder Trains$1
Sound Transit Link Light Rail$1
Pierce TransitFull Fare
Washington State FerriesFull Fare

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card

Please report your lost ORCA LIFT card as soon as possible in order to transfer your balance to a new card. A $3 replacement fee may apply.

How to Replace your card:

  • By Calling (425) 257-7777
  • Visiting your local ORCA Customer Service Center:
    Everett Station or Lynnwood Transit Center
  • Online at orcacard.com

Need help or have questions?

Call Everett Transit Customer Service:
(425) 257-7777