What is Fixed-Route transit service?

Fixed-Route service is any bus line that operates on a standard path. Fixed-Route differs from other services such as shuttles and Paratransit as these transit options tend to focus on door-to-door service over dedicated stops.

Can anyone use Fixed-Route transit service?

Yes, in fact, most people use Fixed-Route transit service. Everett Transit's Fixed-Route buses enable mobility for all our customers no matter what their needs are. Customers using wheelchairs and other mobility devices, standard two-wheel bikes, or who require assistance from a service or guide dog are all welcome and able to use Fixed-Route transit service. 

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How to ride

There are a few steps that you'll want to take before your first trip and below are some tools to help guide you to success.

  1. Get an app
    Google Maps is a proven option and one that we suggest, but any Transit app that will show you individual stops is best! We recommend Transit App
  2. Find the stop is closest to you
    Next time you leave your house, look for the stop closest to you. At the top of every Everett Transit stop there is a "flag", this is where the Stop Number is located and this is a great number to know!
  3. Plan a trip
    Now that you have your app and you know where to go to catch the bus, we can plan a trip. We always suggest setting aside a few hours to explore where the bus can take you. You can handle your first trip two ways:
    • Be brave, jump on a bus and go --- or,
    • Type the name of your favorite coffee shop in to your Transit app's search bar, set your leave time, and follow the directions. 
  4. Be on-time!
    In the transit world, on-time means 5 minutes early. So, no matter how you approach exploring the world, make sure to get to the bus stop at least 5 minutes earlier than the schedule departure time. 
    Remember to stay close to the bus stop, so the driver knows you're there.
  5. Pay attention
    You don't want to wind up in an area you've never been or unsure if you're able to get back easily, so pay attention and remember these three things:
    • Look outside
      Know where you are and where the bus goes. If you ever get distracted or lost, seeing a familiar spot will help you.
    • Stop announcement 
      To help ensure that all of our passengers know where they are, Everett Transit buses are equipped with audio and visual stop announcements. For visual reference, stop announcement boards are located near the front of every bus. This tells you the cross streets for the next stop.
    • Pull the stop cable
      When you want off, pull that cable to alert the driver that you want off at the next stop. Easy enough, just remember you have to give the driver time to stop. 
  6. Come back
    Getting back home is an important part of your transit experience and we make it as easy as possible. With Fixed-Route buses, if you go one way, there's another bus following the same route in reverse. Most of the time, this means you'll be getting on and off your bus on the opposite sides of the street.
  7. Do it again
    Using Everett Transit is not difficult but it does take a little practice. We believe in you though and if you ever have any questions you can call us! (425) 257-7777

Everett Transit Fares

EffectiveJuly 1, 2022
Fixed RouteFareMonthly Pass
Senior & Disabled$0.50$18
Adult (19 and Older)
Set of 6 Tickets$12-

All youth, 18 and under, ride fare free with Everett Transit