Free Youth Transit Pass

Free Youth Transit Pass is here! Here are some important things to know: 

  • It’s free to all youth, 18 and under
  • Youth ages 13-18 will need to present a student ID or ORCA card
  • Youth ages 0-12 do not need to present anything, but can get a youth ORCA card
Free Youth Transit Pass [Girl on bus - Rectangle]

Equitability.   Accessibility.   Freedom.

The all-new Free Youth Transit Pass offers youth, 18 and under, the ability to travel with Everett Transit at no cost. Getting your youth ORCA card is quick and easy! Visit to create an account and upload one of three documents: student ID, state ID, or birth certificate. 

From here you will be sent your free Youth Transit Pass and you can begin traveling with Everett Transit.

How to ride the bus

Read about how to ride the bus in our English and Spanish brochures for youth. Or visit our How to Ride page.

Ride smart
Ride safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Do youth ride free on all buses?
Most transit agencies in the state are offering the Free Youth Transit Pass. We encourage you to visit their websites for more information.

How do I get a Free Youth Transit Pass?
Parents, visit to sign up for an account and order a Youth ORCA card for free. Proof of the child’s name and age are required, like a student ID, state ID, or birth certificate. You will be sent an ORCA card to use as a Free Youth Transit Pass on Everett Transit.

I already have an ORCA card, do I need a new one?
If you have a Youth ORCA card, keep it! You are set up and ready to go.

What if I have money on my current Youth ORCA card?
Once you create an account and register your card at, you can transfer funds to other cards on your account, request a refund, or save it! Your ORCA card funds do not expire.

What if my current Youth ORCA card has an expiration date on it?
If you received a card from a school or at an outreach event, it may expire on 6-30-23. If your 19th birthday is after that, bring your ID to Everett Transit Customer Service to have it extended. If no action is taken, it will automatically become an adult card on July 1, 2023.