Rules of the Road

To ensure your ride on Everett Transit is a safe and pleasant experience, please observe the following:

  • Handle your animal according to our animals on buses rules.
  • Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by a person capable of caring for the child.
  • Stand behind the safety line while the bus is in motion.
  • Shirt and shoes are required.
  • Keep feet off seats.
  • Smoking is not permitted, including all electronic or vapor cigarettes, cigars and pipes. 
  • No littering, spitting or eating.
  • No loud radios, equipment or other audio devices.
  • No hazardous materials.
  • No weapons, unless otherwise permitted by law.
  • Do not obstruct the flow of people or vehicles.
  • Do not destroy transit property.
  • Do not harass the driver or other customers.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on buses, including all electronic or vapor cigarettes, cigars and pipes. 

No smoking within 25 feet of any bus, bus stop or shelter. (RCW 70.160, RCW 9.91.025, EMC 10.49)

Everett Station is a smoke-free campus. Please refrain from smoking while on Everett Station property. This includes all electronic or vapor cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Strollers & Shopping Carts

To ensure the safety of our customers, strollers and shopping carts should be no more than 22” wide x 24” deep and be free from items hung on the outside.

As required by the ADA, the driver will request you relocate to accommodate a customer with a disability. It may be necessary for you to fold your stroller or grocery cart to keep the aisle clear.

Note: Bus operators may refuse to transport large carry-on items if safety is a concern.