Preview of New Routes March 2019

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21% Faster

South-end routes will now be an average of 21% faster, speeding up each trip by more than five minutes, with Routes 2, 3, 8, and 12 each now running bidirectionally, creating a connected network of frequent, fast service.
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Greater Weekend Service

On weekends, Route 6 will now run, Route 12 will start earlier and end later, and Routes 3 and 8 will run an extra hour into the evenings.

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More trips

Routes 3, 12, and 29 each will have more bus trips each day. Route 29 will run at 40 minute frequencies all day.

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Reaching New Destinations

The new routes will serve new major destinations, including the Waterfront, the new YMCA on Colby in South Everett, Seaway Transit Center, and Paine Field Airport.

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March 2019 Service Change

Everett Transit will change its routes and service on March 31, 2019. These changes will provide faster, more direct service. This new network of bidirectional routes is the first step toward implementing the agency's long-range plan, adopted in 2018, and will help the agency achieve financial sustainability.

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