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New and improved ORCA is here! ORCA customers will now have access to these helpful new tools:

  • ORCA App
  • on-bus card readers
  • ORCA kiosks
  • ORCA vendors

Additional features and updates will continue to roll out through the year, including new and improved look to your ORCA card and phone tap-to-pay options. You can learn more about new ORCA features by visiting: MyORCA.com 

  1. What is ORCA
  2. Purchase ORCA
  3. Using ORCA
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The ORCA card is a smart card that carries a transit pass or fare. It is the most convenient way to pay your fare on Everett Transit buses. Using an ORCA card may save you money, especially if you travel frequently by bus and make transfers.

The ORCA card is accepted as fare payment for: 
  • Everett Transit
  • Community Transit 
  • Sound Transit
  • King County Metro Transit
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Pierce Transit
  • Washington State Ferries
Before you use an ORCA card to pay bus fare you must load monetary value onto the card through one or both of the following:


1.  Put money into the ORCA card E-purse

Load money onto your card’s E-purse, which is used like cash to pay bus or train fares. The fare for your rides are subtracted from the E-purse. 

2.  Buy a monthly pass for your ORCA card

A monthly regional pass is good on Everett Transit, Community Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit buses and Sound Transit buses and trains.

You can choose from many different monthly passes. Buy a pass that has the per-trip value of the trip you usually take.

The pass is good for trips with fares up to the per-trip value of your pass. If the fare of any trip is more than your pass, you can pay the difference with your E-purse.

Passes are only valid for one calendar month.

For example: 
  • A July pass is valid July 1-31.
  • If you buy the July monthly pass on July 13, the monthly pass is only valid until July 31.
  • The 14th of July is the last eligible day to purchase a July pass.
  • You may purchase an August pass beginning July 1, but the pass will be valid starting August 1.

Transfer to buses and trains easily using ORCA

If you need to take more than one bus or train to complete to your trip, the ORCA card automatically calculates and transfers the fare as long as the transfer happens within 2 hours of your initial fare payment.

Use your ORCA card for a specific transit agency

Some transit agencies sell passes that cover multiple rides on their service only. Call during regular business hours for more information.


Tap your ORCA card to activate E-purse added online or by phone. If you do not tap within 60 days, reactivate that E-purse by contacting ORCA customer service at:

Phone: 888-988-6722
Email: contactus@orcacard.com
Web: https://www.myorca.com/contact-us/