Fixed-Route Fares & Passes

Everett Transit fares include Adult and Reduced Fare pricing, and offer single trip and monthly pass options.

Everett Transit riders have the the option of paying with exact change or using their ORCA card at the time of boarding. ORCA cards are accepted regionally and allow riders to keep fare payments on a single card. Cash fare payment requires exact change, as drivers do not make change.

EffectiveJuly 1, 2022
Fixed RouteFareMonthly Pass
Senior & Disabled$0.50$18
Adult (19 and Older)
Set of 6 Tickets$12-

All youth, 18 and under, ride fare free with Everett Transit

Everett Transit youth fare 2022_banner-photo

Here at Everett Transit, we offer several single trip fare options and monthly passes to help customers get the most out of transit. While cash fare payment is accepted on all Everett Transit buses, we want our customers to get the most out of their fare payment and we encourage our customers to sign up for and use an ORCA card.

ORCA Card is a regional transit pass that allows customers to use a single method for fare payment and includes transfer windows. The ORCA card can be used from Snohomish County to Pierce County, and across the water to Kitsap County. 

A few important things to know:

  • Monthly Pass pricing is for ORCA card customers
  • Monthly Passes are are based on 18 round-trips per month
    The more you use it, the more you save!
  • Youth, 18 and under, now ride free on Everett Transit
    Youth 13 - 18 are encouraged to sign up for and use a Free Youth Transit Pass
ORCA Card [New and Improved]

Boarding & Fare Payment

Everett Transit offers cash and ORCA card fare payment options. In order to improve boarding speeds, we ask that all riders have their preferred payment method ready as they board. If you are using cash or change, please review our cash policy below.

Everett Transit Change Policy

  • Drivers do not carry change
  • Drivers can not make change
  • Everett Station Customer Service Center employees are happy to make change for bills $20 or less

For more information on our payment and change policies, click the link below.
Payment & Change Policies

Everett Transit Staff Reminders

  • Using your ORCA Card allows for a 2 hour transfer window between Everett Transit buses at no additional cost! *Transfers to regional systems will require a small payment
  • Low-Income Fare Cards can only be applied for and picked up at your local DSHS office.
  • If you're 65+ you qualify for the Regional Reduced Fare Permit!

What option works best for you?

Fixed-Route Service
Everett Transit fares include Adult and Reduced Fare pricing and offer single trip and monthly pass options.

Para Transit Service
Everett Transit provides an extensive Para Transit system, offering qualified riders in the greater Everett area door to door service.

Subsidized Annual Pass
Residents of King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, who are enrolled in one of six state benefit programs, can get a subsidized annual pass for trips on King County Metro, Everett Transit and Sound Transit services. Qualify, sign up and receive the subsidized annual pass at DSHS, Public Health and Catholic Community Services.

ORCA LIFT is a transit fare payment card that allows customers to pay the low-income fare on all agencies that offer it as a fare category. For Everett Transit, the low-income fare is $1.00.

The ORCA card is a smart card that carries a transit pass and / or fare. It is the most convenient way to pay your fare on Everett Transit buses.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit
The Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) allows disabled persons and senior citizens age 65 or older to ride for a reduced fare on various public transit systems throughout the Puget Sound region. 

Additional Information

To learn more about the benefits of using an ORCA card visit here.

Qualified riders may also sign up for the Regional Reduced Fare Permit. The Regional Reduced Fare Permit is available to persons with qualifying disabilities, Medicare recipients, and persons age 65+. Learn more about the Regional Reduced Fare Permit by visit here.

The half-fare requirements of the Federal Transit Act Section 5307 (d) (1) apply to any person presenting a Medicare card duly issued to that person pursuant to Title ii or XViii of the Social Security Act.