Fares & Passes

Everett Transit offers several payment options. Visit the sites below to learn more about fare and pass rates, and find what option works best for you. 

When on Everett Transit, riders are asked to pay as they board the bus. Remembering to have your fare ready to place in the fare box or swipe at the reader will help speed up the boarding process. If you are using cash or change, please read our change policy below.

  • Drivers do not carry and can not make change.
  • Stop by the customer service center at Everett Station and staff will be happy to make change.
  • Staff can make change for bills of $20 or less.

The half-fare requirements of the Federal Transit Act Section 5307 (d) (1) apply to any person presenting a Medicare card duly issued to that person pursuant to Title ii or XViii of the Social Security Act. 

Regional Agency Fares & Information