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Everett Transit's Long Range Plan
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Project overview

Everett Transit has connected the City of Everett’s neighborhoods and employment centers since 1893. Now it is time to think about connecting to your future. In the next 20 years, Everett’s population is expected to grow by 40 to 60 percent. It is essential that we look forward together and consider how this growth will transform our community, including the future of Everett Transit service.

Everett Transit will develop a 20-year Long Range Plan by early 2018 to serve your growing community. The final Long Range Plan, once adopted by City Council, will establish a vision for the future of transit within the City of Everett. The plan will identify future transit service and establish a set of service standards – ultimately creating a roadmap for how Everett Transit will serve you into the future. 

Scroll down for more information about the project timeline, how we will plan for the future transit system, opportunities to stay engaged in the project, and related documents. 

Where we are in the process

We conducted our vision outreach process in June, where we reached out to the community, providing information on our plan and requesting feedback through our transit values survey. We had over 1,000 people interacting with us either online or in person, and we received over 400 surveys. The information gathered will provide the direction of the network options we will present in the fall. Ultimately, your feedback will help us create a Long Range Plan that reflects the values and vision of our community.

You can watch the video of our Visioning Workshop on YouTube.

What is the project timeline?

Our project started in January 2017 and will continue through spring 2018. The timeline below includes major milestones for the process, including when we expect to engage the community in the conversation.

project timeline graphic

Why we need the Long Range Plan

Along with the entire Puget Sound Region, the City of Everett is growing and changing. Emerging trends and technologies, as well as changes in our regional transit network, will also affect the future of Everett Transit. We are working to keep pace with these changes and plan for our future transportation options through this long range planning process. 

In the City of Everett...

graphic of what is happening in Everett now 
Emerging Technologies
graphic of a satellite in spaceDuring the long range planning process, we will also consider and incorporate what we know now about how emerging trends and technologies in transportation and transit may affect how transit systems look and operate into the future. We will look at Transportation Network Communities, such as Uber, Lyft and Microtransit, as well as autonomous vehicles and battery technologies.

Considerations in Planning

With big changes coming to our area as the regional transit network grows and changes, it is important that we work together with our transit partners, including Sound Transit, Community Transit and neighboring jurisdictions, to make sure Everett Transit is serving you and your needs into the future. We will share information about our Long Range Plan with our regional transit partners and we will use their plans for the future to inform our work. 

We are using information from the following plans and considering how this information factors into the Long Range Plan:
  • Everett Comprehensive Plan: Land use growth forecasts
  • Sound Transit Long Range Plan and ST2/ST3: Integration with future light rail, bus rapid transit and commuter rail service
  • Community Transit Long Range Plan: Future Bus Rapid Transit corridors and transit integration
  • Puget Sound Regional Council 2040: Regional transportation investments
  • Snohomish County Comprehensive Plan: Land use and transportation policies
  • Skagit Transit: Transit operations integration
  • Washington State Department of Transportation: Regional transportation investments

Your voice in our process

We want to know what is important to you about your local transit service and your vision for how our transit service supports the Everett community into the future. As we move forward, we will keep you informed about how we are incorporating your feedback into the Long Range Plan. 
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