2019 Proposal for Sustainable Service

Everett Transit will propose changes to service and fares in 2019 to remain sustainable over the coming years. 

Many of the changes that will be proposed are based on our findings in our Long Range Plan, that was finalized recently.


Everett Transit completed its Long Range Plan in May, and the plan was adopted by City Council in June. Please see the plan on our website, EverettTransit.org/Future. During its development, the public provided input during three outreach phases. The first two phases focused on the role of Everett Transit in delivering service and the direction of growth for our future network, while the third phase presented the draft plan and its findings. Close to 1,000 surveys were completed as part of the plan outreach, with many more community members interacting online or in person with Everett Transit staff during the process.

The financial analysis of our current system determined that we need to make cost-savings adjustments in the short-term and look for additional revenue sources in order to be sustainable in the next ten years. The Long Range Plan refers to these cost-saving service adjustments as the implementation of a “sustainable network.”

Costs are driven not only by the level of service provided, but also by the age of the fleet and its rising maintenance costs. The approach taken by this proposal addresses both of those aspects by reducing the hours of service and the number of vehicles needed in service. It also aims to minimize the impacts of these significant changes to our current customers, while increasing the efficiency of service.


1. Reduce costs

  • Reduce service hours by up to 10%
  • Reduce the number of vehicles used
  • Minimize changes to infrastructure
    (stop relocations)
  • Prioritize service within Everett Transit’s jurisdiction, while maintaining key connections to regional service

2. Be more efficient

  • Reduce total trip time on long routes to increase frequency
  • Eliminate route segments with infrastructure challenges (like inadequate road capacity)
  • Eliminate circular routes
  • Streamline bi-directional service

3. Implement service that is consistent with future growth

  • Serve Seaway Transit Center, facilitating connections and transfers in south Everett
  • Eliminate routes and/or segments with low ridership
  • Increase frequency on high-ridership routes


The last system-wide fare increase implemented by Everett Transit was effective January 1, 2013. Increasing fares to reflect increased cost of operation is a business practice most agencies adhere by. Check our website at EverettTransit.org/ServiceChange for more information, or attend one of our presentations. Meeting dates and times are at the bottom of this page.

Proposed System Map - March 2019

Proposed System Map for March 2019

Please join us for one of our scheduled presentations:

JULY 18 | 6:30 p.m.
Everett City Council Meeting
3002 Wetmore Ave

JULY 26 | 6 p.m.
Everett Station | 3201 Smith Ave
4th Floor | Dan Snow Room

JULY 31 | 6:30 p.m.
Bakerview Community Center | 1401 Poplar St
Adjacent to Baker Apartments
Russian interpreter will be available

AUG 4 | 11 a.m.
Horizon Elementary | 222 W Casino Rd

AUG 9 | Noon
Everett Station | 3201 Smith Ave
4th Floor | Dan Snow Room

AUG 15 | 6 p.m.
Everett Public Library | Evergreen Branch
9512 Evergreen Way
Spanish interpreter will be available

Feedback Form

Please provide your feedback by Aug. 20, 2018, using this online form: 


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