The Rewards

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Month 1

Some tools for your new way of traveling: 
  • Thermos for water, coffee or whatever keeps you moving
  • Flashlight to keep you safe when it’s dark
  • $25 ORCA card (for more info visit and holder
photo of month one rewards

Month 2

Hump month. These tools will keep you moving: 
  • Power bank to keep your devices on
  • Notepad and pen to log your trips (your doodles too)
  • $25 ORCA card
photo of month two rewards

Month 3

Hopefully by this time you have found a 
mode that works well for you. These tools will keep you traveling safely and in style:
  • Messenger bag
  • Travel safety kit
  • $50 ORCA card
photo of month three rewards

Monthly Drawing

Keep logging your trips for a chance at this fantastic package that supports your efforts during the first three months and beyond! 
  • Car safety kit, including jumper cables and first aid supplies
  • Everett in Motion T-shirt (to show off your awesomeness)
  • $200 ORCA card
photo of monthly rewards
A substitute reward may be used at any time without notice.

To earn these rewards, sign up for Everett in Motion today!