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Get there smarter and earn rewards.

Everett in Motion is a reward program, open to those that live and/or work in Everett, designed to reduce traffic congestion by encouraging everyone to not drive alone. It is good for:
  • YOU, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices by walking and bicycling.
  • THE ENVIRONMENT by reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.
Everett Transit's Everett in Motion program will be coming to an end October 31, 2019. Enroll by July 22, 2019 and begin logging trips to earning rewards!

How it works

  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Register at RideshareOnline.com.
  3. Enroll in the Everett in Motion Incentive at RideshareOnline.com.
  4. On your Rideshare Online Calendar, log at least 8 days of non-drive-alone trips that begin or end in the Everett city limits for each calendar month. There is a demo that shows you how to use the calendar.
  5. Participate for the first three months and you will automatically receive rewards!
  6. Keep logging your trips to be entered in the monthly drawings.

There is more than one way to get there

The next time you need to run an errand, visit a friend or get to work, choose to carpool, walk, bike or bus! You might just find a new favorite way of getting around—even if only occasionally—that qualifies you for rewards

Want to drive
Carpool or vanpool with friends, family or coworkers – or find a partner. Visit RideshareOnline.com and use the Ridematch tool. If your trip details match someone else’s, why not share the ride? There are other benefits too, like saving money and being able to read or nap during your commute.

Dust off that bike – May is Bike Month!
The best way to celebrate Bike Month is to simply get on a bike! Come celebrate with us... find out more on our Bike Web page.

We have bike resources on our website or you can visit your local bike shop for info, tune-ups or new wheels. 

Ride the bus – it’s easier than you think!
Everett Transit provides service in the City of Everett and will connect you to other transit agencies that can get you all over the Puget Sound. Just sit back and let the bus driver do the work. Plan your bus trip online or call 425-257-7777.

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